Sports and Games - Expo Brussels 1958

Sports and Games at the Exhibition Expo Brussels 1958
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"Homo Ludens" is the theme chosen by this group, that is to say: the relaxed and free man, in the blossoming of his whole being thanks to play and sport...

But here again, it is a question of education.

The National Institute of Physical Education and Sports, which occupies 2/3 of the site, proves this by organising various physical fitness tests: swimming and rowing in the swimming pool; gymnastics, ball control, throwing, jumping, etc., on the vast plateau equipped for this purpose, where you can occasionally watch spectacular demonstrations by renowned athletes.

A model sports medicine clinic with measuring, testing and X-ray rooms is available.

Children will find a scooter track and two kiosks with model aircraft next to the pool.

On the other side, sports enthusiasts will find all the items they need in an indoor garden.

Totem poles are placed on the other side of the section to remind you of these items in an original way.

Small stands scattered around allow you to judge the action of the National Institute of Physical Education and Sports, the Belgian Olympic Committee and some sports federations as well as the sports and outdoor equipment in Belgium.

In the reception rooms, radio and television will have the opportunity to interview renowned athletes visiting Belgium.

Conferences and debates on the podium are broadcast as well as sports demonstrations organised by the federations.

The "Sports and Games" group presents a harmonious and dynamic whole where the image of the "Playing Man" is synonymous with freedom and joy.

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