Post and Telecommunications - Expo Brussels 1958

Post and Telecommunications at the Exhibition Expo Brussels 1958
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Architect(s) : Schmidt et Fourmanoit

Unlimited development marked this area of human relations.

The ultra-modern style of the 3,600 m2 palace was intended to express this.

The main architectural element was a rotunda, technically realised by a tent-like structure with a central mast supporting the suspended roof with the help of guy wires.

The building on the right was reserved for the Post Office and allowed you to see for yourself the remarkable improvements made in this area by the Belgian public services. Amongst others: an electronic sorting machine which guarantees a single operator the sorting of 3,500 letters per hour, or the work cell of the Postal Cheques illustrating the use of the electronic machine and serving to automatically establish the debits and credits of all accounts by a network of 8,000 members.

If you were a philatelist, a permanent exhibition presented you the most beautiful collections gathered
in Belgium. The special stamp of the Exhibition was printed in front of the public.

The Régie des Télégraphes et des Téléphones gave a prestigious demonstration with an automatic international long-distance centre, electronic bays in operation, modern equipment such as telex, telephoto, etc.. The Belgian National Institute of Radio and Television (INRT) was present at the event.

The Belgian National Institute of Radio and Television occupied an important place in the Palace by controlling the retransmission of the TV programmes received in the Exhibition area.

The Belgian radio and television manufacturers presented their most modern achievements and finally the class of remote controls, telemetry and cybernetics offered to the eyes: an electronic tower, as well as a complete radar equipment and an installation demonstrating the current possibility of electronically controlling a zone of 200 km radius.

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