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Tourism and Travel - Expo Brussels 1958

Tourism and Travel at the Exhibition Expo Brussels 1958
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In the central Folklore section, life-size figures dressed in folk costumes are placed on conveyor belts and turntables. Relief, colour and movement give these scenes a lively character, accentuated by the lighting and the special atmosphere created by a low ceiling.

The "coastline" stand provides a varied and pleasant picture of all the possibilities offered by our seaside resorts.

The "Ardenne-Meuse" section evokes this beautiful region.

The "Cities of Art" of each Belgian province, with a giant photo of one of the main monuments, a colour reproduction of a work of art and a cast of an old sculpture, present a synthesis of the Belgian provinces.

Ostend, Spa, Chaudfontaine... our cities of clear, pleasant and cheerful waters call you to the thermalism stand.

A selection of Belgian arts and crafts products is also on display, as well as the achievements of social tourism in Belgium.

And, if after having glimpsed the joys offered by a touristic and artistic Belgium the desire came to you to travel through it, you would find, in one of the two rooms of 60 places each, a luminous map indicating the various circuits to be undertaken. Slides, commented in six languages by means of a special device allowing individual listening, would document you even more perfectly, on the treasures of Belgium.

In the reception room, nine paintings by the best Belgian provincial painters are on display. There is also an important piece of copperware in the middle of a small garden in front of the folklore stand and a lovely ceramic fountain.

The tourism and travel group enlivens your visit with a presentation of flower beds.

The major Belgian tourist associations, clubs and travel agencies are on hand to help you get to know Belgium better.

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