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Maritime and Inland Waterway Transport - Expo Brussels 1958

Maritime and Inland Waterway Transport at the Exhibition Expo Brussels 1958
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Architect(s) : M. et Mme T. Hoet-Seghers, MM. Montois et Courtois

The economic, social and human role of maritime activity was defined by the presentations of the different classes participating in the pavilion exhibition.

The shipping community exhibited an animated cross-section of a large ship (10 m long) and models of ships from various shipping companies.

A large panel showed the connections of the Belgian fleet with all parts of the world.
Two electro-guided models of the Ostend-Dover line were navigating in a large basin of more than 500 ml.

The Administration of the Navy informed you about the social aspect of the maritime activity and about the achievements for the well-being of the seafarer and the safety of the navigation.

The Comité National de Propagande Maritime and the Musée de la Marine d'Anvers also took part in this presentation, particularly with regard to maritime education.

A similar, but more summary, exhibition is reserved for inland navigation. You can see the importance of inland waterway connections with the hinterland.

The participation of builders and repairers drew your attention to the importance of the tonnage under construction, the workforce, etc. ....

The presentation of the ports showed you the important place they have in international transport.

Some essential statistics informed you about the enormous volume of goods handled in the ports.

Individual exhibitions showed you their expansion plans.

For the first time, the intense and diverse internal activity that makes a port live was the subject of an exhibition. This was made possible by the participation of the Antwerp Shipping Federation, the stevedores' associations, the "naties", the factory shipping agents and the shippers.

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