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Land Transport - Expo Brussels 1958

Land Transport at the Exhibition Expo Brussels 1958
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Architect(s) : M. et Mme T. Hoet-Seghers MM. Montois et Courtois

The Land Transport group comprised six classes.

In the "Rail and similar means of transport" class, the manufacturers of railway equipment were represented. They showed you the production line of wagons and certain components used in the construction of rolling stock, as well as diesel and electric engines, etc. Their aim was to highlight everything that contributes to the comfort and safety of the traveller.

The "Transport by Road" exhibition had only one exhibitor, who presented a giant model with moving scenery in the main order. It showed you the development of a country under the influence of the automobile industry.

"Motorbikes, bicycles and the like" was a harmonious whole showing the influence of the cycle and the motorbike on the living conditions of the population.

"Coordination and safety of transport": the Administration of. Tables and models illustrated "the day of a new motorist", starting with the preliminary verification of the vehicle by an approved body, and ending with a reminder of the most dangerous and most frequently recorded offences,
the urban and suburban public transport companies informed you about the latest improvements to rolling stock and signalling. They also suggested future solutions to the problem of the coexistence of public and private transport.

The "Operation of rail transport" highlighted the latest technical means used to adapt rail to modern life.

Road transport operations" showed the continuous development of this branch of transport, especially since the war, and the technical progress made.

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