Clothing and Apparel - Expo Brussels 1958

Clothing and Apparel at the Exhibition Expo Brussels 1958
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A relatively modern industry, although one that meets the oldest needs of humanity, the manufacture of articles of clothing occupies a place in Palace IV next to that of textiles. Is it not the logical outcome of this long industrial process which, starting from the raw material: wool, linen, silk, cotton or even synthetic fibre, provides those who are going to make it with the fabric?

It is a synthesis of the clothing industries that this section wishes to present to you. It has also reserved a few places for the exhibition of the equipment used in the garment workshops, a sign of the "advanced industrialization" of a manufacturing industry which succeeds, thanks to its equipment, in providing ever wider layers of consumers with quality products, at the most advantageous conditions.

(It should be noted that at the level of civilisation reached in Belgium, clothing retains a very marked character of individuality for the customer. It is fortunate that this is the case, so that your individuality can develop, even in the way you dress.

The numerous groups of articles in the clothing sector are presented to you in a setting reminiscent of the shops of the shopping streets.

On a spacious and prestigious stage, there is a permanent exhibition of mannequins dressed in a selection of elegant outfits. On certain days, fashion shows are organised. This setting will be renewed as often as the whim of Lady Fashion will have you...

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