Germany - Expo Brussels 1958

Germany at the Exhibition Expo Brussels 1958
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Architect(s) : E. Eiermann et W. Rossow

In eight pavilions, the Federal Republic of Germany gave the theme of the exhibition a special meaning: "Man and Progress". This interpretation was based on the conviction that the technical and scientific achievements of our time only make sense if they help the community and the individual to achieve a life worthy of man.

Thus, this section, neglecting the economic and commercial aspect, focused on describing everyday reality with the help of examples from private life: profession, leisure, work, family life, etc.

The various environments in which people live were also described in detail: the city, the village, the home, the factory, the office, the school, the hospital, etc. In each of these sectors, the German section showed how and to what extent scientific progress gives man who knows how to use it the possibility of being happier.

Would you like to spend a few hours in today's Germany? Germany is returning to the roots of its culture, to the Goethean tradition: you could see for yourself in the largest pavilion where cultural meetings were held. Afterwards you would go to the brasserie or the restaurant and find the typical atmosphere of German life.

The whole section answered the question: how does Germany today fulfil the humanitarian, cultural and social tasks evoked by the theme of the exhibition?

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