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Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria - Expo Brussels 1958

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria at the Exhibition Expo Brussels 1958
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Architect(s) : Dr. Sayed Kerim

The participation of Saudi Arabia, the Arab Federation and the United Arab Republic in a single pavilion in several sections is a brilliant expression of their desire for solidarity under the sign of their common language, their common traditions and their common past.

Their pavilion showed you how great was their contribution to the material and moral progress of the world.

In these countries, the cradle of a civilisation that is four thousand years old and of three great religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam), live people of all faiths who wish to fraternise in an atmosphere of harmony.

When you entered this pavilion, you saw that far from sleeping, lulled by the memory of a prodigious past, the Arab East was making its contribution to the building of modern civilisation, the ultimate goal of which is the well-being of man, a decent life free from misery, ignorance and disease. You knew that the resources and activities of these Arab countries converge towards raising the standard of living of the individual.

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