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Canada - Expo Brussels 1958

Canada at the Exhibition Expo Brussels 1958
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Architect(s) : Ch. Greenberg

Because Canada is a country with a vast area (327 times the size of Belgium) and immense natural resources, it chose "Man and Space" as the theme for its participation in the World Expo,
In this pavilion of 3,000 m2, 23 sectors introduced you to the many aspects of the life of 16 million inhabitants: population, government, participation in international organisations, education, health and well-being, music and theatre, literature, entertainment, scientific progress, energy, transport, industry, communications, agriculture, fishing, forestry, the North, mining, employment and labour and international trade.

As you walked through this panorama of Canadian life, visiting the Fine Arts Gallery, the Library -, and the Music Room, you imagined what the Canadian is like, how he lives, thinks, works and recreates.

Canada, like Belgium, is a bilingual country, but its inhabitants are of extremely varied origins:
The pavilion's layout was designed to make your visit pleasant and comfortable: :you could rest in attractive places, decorated with taste and originality; the restaurant and bar, each opening onto a terrace, invited you to relax.

In the gardens around the pavilion, you could find some of the Canadian landscape - maples, conifers, tundra.

Young men and women representing the ten provinces of Canada cordially invited you to get to know their country. By accepting this invitation from a friendly nation, you would discover how an energetic people has, in three and a half centuries, made a country, the second largest in size, the fourth largest trading power in the world.

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