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Spain - Expo Brussels 1958

Spain at the Exhibition Expo Brussels 1958
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Architect(s) : R. Vasquez.Molezun et J. A. Corrales Gutierrez

Spain's invitation to visit its pavilion was above all an invitation to a moment of relaxation and calm.

In a bright atmosphere, Spain presented a harmonious synthesis of its old traditions, work and culture.

Spain is a country of contrasts, paradoxes and sudden changes, where sugar cane is grown next to the eternal snows, where dry plains and barren mountains extend the green valleys and orchards. All this geographical diversity is reflected in the richness of folklore, customs, gastronomy and popular art.

The Spanish pavilion, whose light and bold architecture was reminiscent of a forest of metallic trees, showed that measure which gives everything Spanish its typical colour and grace.

When you entered, you found on the left the area representing the influence of Spain in the world: through its mystics, its colonisation of America, its literary myths.

On the right you could see the geographical diversity and growth of cultures on Spanish soil.

In the section of the exhibition dedicated to work, you could see how the Spaniards transformed the often hostile nature, through industrialisation, agricultural programmes and hydraulic works.

This programme dedicated to Spain could not have ended better for you than with the "fiesta": bullfights, fairs, kermesses, etc... and a small exhibition of contemporary Spanish art.

Do not leave the pavilion without visiting the restaurant, where you will taste the excellent "paella" of the Valencia region, the generous wines, the incomparable fruits... and without having seen the film projection of the typical dances and popular songs in the small Auditorium.

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