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Netherlands at the Exhibition Expo Brussels 1958
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Architect(s) : J.H. van den Broeck, J.B. Bakema, J.W.C. Boks, F.P.J. Peutz et G.T. Rietveld

The slope of the terrain reserved for the Dutch section allowed it to fully emphasise its theme of "the struggle against water".

It is water that has shaped the character of the Dutch people, made them the world's most renowned navigators and promoters of international trade.

Did you know what a polder is? The Dutch call it an area of land below sea level protected by dikes. A polder was created here in the lower part of the section: it was criss-crossed by canals from which water was pumped into a basin above a dike.

The Netherlands is famous for its great hydraulic works. Under the large dome in the centre of the polder you can see how the Zuiderzee was drained and how the Dutch intended to close the inlets in the southwest of the country.

The polder is also an area for agriculture and cattle breeding. This is demonstrated by these live cattle.

On the other side of the dike, the land was dedicated to the industrial development of the Netherlands. In addition, the pavilions gave you an insight into the spiritual, cultural and artistic life of this country and you could get to know its overseas territories: Surinam, the West Indies and New Guinea.

You could hear the beautiful carillon that made the joy of living in the Netherlands resound throughout the section.

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