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Italy at the Exhibition Expo Brussels 1958
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Architect(s) : Belgioioso,Gardella,Luccichenti,Monaco,Peressutti,Perugini,Quaroni...

A picturesque "cittadina" built on a hillside, with its red and green beech trees, its houses leaning against each other at different levels, this is what the Italian section wanted to represent in a modern style.

Better than any other, this vision made you understand the essential aspects of Italian life in its reality, with its problems, its values, and the efforts of its successive generations towards the construction of a more human world.

As if on a journey through the Italy of yesterday, today and tomorrow, you could see the permanent link between the nature in which man lives and the way he builds his civilisation. The civilisation of this country, which is expanding rapidly in all areas, was marked by a very personal genius.

In the synthesis presented by the Italian pavilion, certain notes had been endowed with a particular suggestive force: thus the competition of some industries allowed you to get an idea of the production of this nation.

As a country of tourism par excellence, Italy could not fail to give you the same smiling welcome in its pavilion as in an Assisi inn or a Neapolitan hotel...

Nor could it fail to evoke the customs and the colourful atmosphere that make this land of a thousand faces unique.

This is why the most animated frescoes of Italian folklore were drawn for you and why the purest moments of the eternal Italian music were proposed to your sensibility.

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