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Philippine at the Exhibition Expo Brussels 1958
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Architect(s) : F. Gielush et E. S. San Juan

The pavilion of the Republic of the Philippines was like a jewel set in a forest setting that evoked the wilderness of these mountainous islands.

Built on stilts, it was a reproduction of a typical Philippine home surrounded by an exotic garden.

Through the carved wooden porch, you entered the unique room where a panorama of the cultural, social and economic activities of the Philippines was presented.

Before its independence in 1946, the Philippines had three major civilizations: aboriginal and Asian, Spanish in 1521, and American in 1898. Since 1946, the country has entered a specifically national era. In addition, the key position of the islands at the crossroads of intercontinental communication routes gives them increasing international importance.

The Philippine pavilion presented a country that is essentially agricultural but which is tending to industrialise. The country's products were highlighted: rice, sugar cane, copra, tobacco, timber, minerals, etc.

By carefully examining the tables and documents, you will see how great is the concern in this country to improve the standard of living of its population; a standard which is currently the highest in the Far East.
In the extension of the exhibition hall, a greenhouse which bore the evocative name of House of Orchids, offered to your admiration the splendid flora of the islands...

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