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Portugal - Expo Brussels 1958

Portugal at the Exhibition Expo Brussels 1958
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Architect(s) : P. Cid

In the tree-lined grounds of Laeken Park, the Portuguese pavilion told the story of a country that for five centuries had been trying to overcome the lack of natural resources in its territory and whose attempts to reach outwards had contributed to the spread of civilisation and the bringing together of peoples.

In the large entrance hall, you were given general information about Portugal and its action in the world.

As you walked through the various rooms and galleries, you were given a more concrete image of the Portuguese reality: you could see - through the artistic creations, objects and materials on display - the formation of a national consciousness oriented towards human values, the blossoming of the country's spiritual and cultural wealth, as well as the progress made in the agricultural and industrial sectors.

The evolution of Portugal was aimed above all at transforming a natural environment: ungrateful, at developing its agricultural and industrial possibilities, at raising the standard of living of its inhabitants.
On the first floor, you could see how Portugal was working in these overseas territories to improve the human condition and promote international cooperation.

Through the garden, you could now go to the small pavilion: there you could find a restaurant where you could enjoy the typical Portuguese cuisine, while a bar offered you the authentic "Porto", and pretty displays of regional articles allowed you to keep some original souvenirs of your visit.

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