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Rotary - Expo Brussels 1958

Rotary at the Exhibition Expo Brussels 1958
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Architect(s) : G.Siplet

Friendship between peoples, which is magnified by Rotary, is not an empty word for the 450,000 Rotarians spread throughout the world.

Born at the beginning of the century from the thought of a Chicago lawyer, Mr. Paul Harris, "Rotary" originally brought together a handful of men of different professions, eager to increase and stimulate correctness and honesty in business.

On the occasion of this prestigious meeting of international and universal goodwill, the 1958 Brussels Exhibition, Rotary had to take its place among the countries and organisations of an international character.

As it had no industries or works of art to exhibit, Rotary had made its pavilion a home.

Rotarians from all over the world met there and could get any help they wanted in any field.

The house of welcome, in which the Rotarian of Texas felt as much at home as the one of Paris or Elisabethville, offered a sober architecture.

The "Wheel", the emblem of Rotary, was the only decoration; it symbolizes the rotation of friendly meetings of the members of the organization, meetings which are a magnificent contribution to humanity and an enrichment of the heart of "man.

Rotary wanted to teach you that its motto "Service" represents a whole programme available to every person of good will. This is what Rotary hoped to achieve by welcoming you to its home.

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