Brussels World and International Exhibition 1958 - Expo58

Review of the world for a more human world

April 17, 1958 - October 19, 1958

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Sudan at the Exhibition Brussels 1958

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This young republic had two objectives in participating in the Exhibition: the first was to make itself known and to highlight its economic, social and cultural achievements; the second was to draw attention to the mineral, agricultural and industrial possibilities of the country.

As soon as you entered the pavilion, you were introduced to Sudan.

Handicrafts made of ivory, wood, leather and ostrich feathers revealed the ingenuity of the Sudanese workforce.

The centre of the hall was devoted to art on the one hand, and light industrial products on the other.

On the left you could see the mineral and animal wealth of the country. In a niche was a model of the Gezira Cotton Growing Scheme, which is the keystone of the national economy.

The exploitation of cotton and the industries derived from it were the subject of an exhibition at the back of the pavilion.

A country of large forests located in the tropics, Sudan has hunting as a particularly interesting resource. A model in the niche in the right-hand corner demonstrated this.

On the right-hand wall were displayed some agricultural products: cereals, oil seeds, leguminous plants and resins for which Sudan is famous.

-The whole thing gave an appealing image: Sudan appeared, its way of life, its culture, its natural resources.

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