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Switzerland - Expo Brussels 1958

Switzerland at the Exhibition Expo Brussels 1958
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Architect(s) : W. Gantenbein

The Swiss section consisted of four hexagonal pavilions grouped in a honeycomb around an artificial lake.

From the main entrance, located at the crossroads of the Avenues of Europe and the English Channel, you found yourself in the cultural section, which contained a suggestive representation of the structure, life, work, aspirations and intellectual production of the Swiss nation.

This first part, which occupied seven pavilions, illustrated, in the sense of the Exhibition's theme, the basic facts of life in Switzerland.

Passing through an information office on Switzerland and its activities, you then entered the group of textile and clothing industries, followed by those of watchmaking, machines and appliances, aluminium and chemicals.

Then, after crossing the Avenue des Alpes, you arrived at the traffic and transport group, which housed five wide-open pavilions, arranged under the foliage of venerable trees.

Crossing the Avenue des Alpes a second time, you then reached the group of Switzerland, the country of tourism and holidays, and then the group of agriculture and food products.

Finally you reached the restaurant, part of which was designed in the style of Switzerland's large international hotels and part of which was more intimate, modelled on a typical tavern.

In all the groups, the Swiss had tried to bring out the human side of Industrial performance and production, the services rendered to the cause of improving the human condition.

This succession of groups gave the normal sense of the visit of the whole Swiss section.

Each group could also be reached directly, either through the open-air promenade surrounding the lake or through the secondary entrances from the Avenue des Alpes.

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