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Thailand - Expo Brussels 1958

Thailand at the Exhibition Expo Brussels 1958
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Architect(s) : B Sampatisiri

Located on Avenue des Trembles, the small Thai pavilion was recognizable by its elegant, slender form and bright, colourful Oriental roof.

Built in the country of origin, in teak wood and according to ancient oriental architecture, it contrasted strikingly with the ultra-modern buildings next to it.

By participating in the Exhibition, the Thai government wanted to show visitors a lively and traditional image of their country.

The pavilion was a kind of summary of Thailand's architectural art, with vertical lines reaching up to the sky.

The decoration, very busy, resorted to the sought-after style, with ornate and undulating curves in which thousands of small multicoloured mosaics were inlaid: the use of gold leaf lacquer coverings also imposed bright colours.

Inside the pavilion, you could see the main products of the country as well as some examples of Thai decorative art and crafts: lacquer works, silverware, natural silk fabrics...

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