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Venezuela - Expo Brussels 1958

Venezuela at the Exhibition Expo Brussels 1958
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Architect(s) : D. Savino

Very modern like the nation it symbolised, the Venezuela pavilion presented its harmonious line to your attention.

In a few minutes you were transported to South America, north of Ecuador, to this immense country of one million square kilometres, where a young and courageous people live and work and whose goal is to achieve a prominent position among the nations of the world.

Essentially new in its mentality and vigour, Venezuela showed you the best of itself: its architecture, the beauty of its cities, the splendour of its equatorial nature, the enormous industrial, mining, agricultural wealth, etc., that its territory contains.

You may be surprised by the high level of industrialisation that this country has achieved: the oil industry was the main industrial activity in Venezuela at the beginning, but it has served as a springboard for many others.

Today, Venezuela works with gold, iron, manganese and aluminium.

Mechanised agriculture, increased and rationalised livestock farming thanks to the construction of large dykes and irrigation systems, are among the country's main assets.

Art has found a new expression in this country where everything flourishes in a benevolent climate.

Caracas, the capital, the "city of eternal spring", gives you a sense of its sweetness from a distance...

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