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Mining and Metallurgy - Expo Brussels 1958

Mining and Metallurgy at the Exhibition Expo Brussels 1958
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Architect(s) : Delcourt et De Nayer

A wide escalator starting on the pavement of the Avenue du Ruanda, introduced you in an original way into the gallery of the Mining Pavilion from where you had a plunging view on the great hall and, through the large windows, on the avenue.

Along the gallery, social documentation showed you the efforts made by the mining industry to promote and emancipate the indigenous population.

Two large tapestries on the wall completed this evocation.

At the bottom of the staircase leading to the ground floor of the main hall, you entered the model room, where animated scale models of mines, factories and machines for the three main metals: copper, tin, gold and diamond were displayed.

The east side of the hall was decorated with fine ceramics.
In this hall there was also a reception and information desk where a wealth of documentation was available.

In the corridor leading to the rotunda, large paintings evoked the Congolese mining sites and chemical industry of Katanga.

A monumental wooden door carved with Bantu motifs opened onto the quiet zone that was the rotunda.

Here you could see the most beautiful mineralogical samples and mining products. A large decorative map summarised the economic mining geography of the colony.

Finally, a giant statue of a strange insect - the empusa - symbolised man's victory over the disturbing powers of tropical nature.

In the basement there was a cinema room from which you had direct access to the gardens.

The gardens were hidden by a large screen that perfectly simulated a geological section of the Congolese terrain.

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