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Trade - Expo Brussels 1958

Trade at the Exhibition Expo Brussels 1958
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The Trade group includes the following classes: Foreign Trade; Packaging; Industrial Aesthetics; Advertising; Domestic Trade.

The Foreign Trade class highlights the very important role that foreign trade plays in economic activity and social progress in Belgium. It also highlights the fact that international trade is a factor in bringing the whole world together and creating prosperity. A colour film on tourism and Belgian industry and its achievements abroad is shown continuously.

The Belgian Institute for Packaging and various companies specialising in packaging explain the role it plays in the development of trade.

The articles carefully selected by the Industrial Aesthetics class demonstrate that industry has an interest in offering consumers, at fair prices, articles that are harmoniously shaped, rationally designed and perfectly adapted to their use. Industrial Aesthetics thus contributes to giving a human meaning to this technocratic world.

A synthesis illustrates the role of Internal Trade in the service of the producer and the consumer. The progress of techniques is concretised by the food shop, of modern conception, meeting point of the consumers with the various productions made for them. The combination of efforts for a more efficient distribution of goods is presented to you by various collectives.

This visit makes you understand that trade is a permanent link between people and helps them to get to know each other better, to make the most of their personal activities for the benefit of all. Note: For foreign visitors, visits to factories and companies in Belgium are organised.

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