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Arts and their Means of Expression - Expo Brussels 1958

Arts and their Means of Expression at the Exhibition Expo Brussels 1958
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The reception hall, in which all the artistic disciplines are represented, provides an overview of the exhibition organised by the Arts Group.

Some seventy living painters and thirty or so sculptors offer a panorama of current Belgian art; a collection of works by deceased artists gives an idea of the evolution of Belgian painting and sculpture today. A selection of engravings and medals completes the exhibition.

The Performing Arts class highlights the efforts of Belgian artists in the creation of sets. Twenty models with special lighting and the most interesting costume designs are on display.

Belgian musical activity, both in terms of creation and performance, is presented in its most varied aspects: the Queen Elisabeth International Competition, which has acquired an international reputation; the Concerts du Midi and the Jeunesses Musicales, essentially Belgian creations; your main concert associations, the major teaching establishments. Scores and records bring to life for you the works of the best Belgian composers.

The Instrumental Museum, the richest in the world, exhibits some of its rarest specimens.

Belgian crafts and arts and craftsmanship are alive and well in a section where ceramics, stained glass, ironwork, brassware, goldsmiths, bookbinders, jewellers, weavers, etc. are on display.

The two Belgian literatures are present with their main poets and writers. While large panels painted by artists situate the high points of Belgian literature, the Museum of the Word, another Belgian creation, lets you hear the voices of the dead.

In the gallery, a number of designers exhibit their best creations of tasteful furniture.

There is also the art education class, where the main schools are keen to show their efforts in the field of art education.

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