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Reception Palace - Expo Brussels 1958

Reception Palace at the Exhibition Expo Brussels 1958
© Expo58

The most imposing of the Grands Palais has been specially designed to welcome visitors to the Exhibition.

Located near the heliport, car parks, tram and bus stations, the Welcome Centre is the first contact with the Exhibition for most visitors.

As soon as you enter, the Fair-hostesses will give you all the information you may need, direct you, help you, in a word welcome you...
You will find at your disposal
- an information desk where 7 languages are spoken,
-a guide-interpreter service, whose services can be hired by the hour, half-day or even by the day,
-an office of Logexpo,
-an office of the General Commissariat for Tourism,
-a travel agency,
-a police office (lost property),
-a luggage storage facility,
-a bank,
-a complete P.T.T. centre
-a public secretariat
-a rental office for all shows and concerts
a public secretariat, - a rental office for all shows and concerts,
-various commercial concessions:
a day hotel,
hairdressers for ladies and gentlemen,
manicures and pedicures,
snack bar, cafetaria,
flower shops, tobacco shops, newspaper shops, souvenir shops...

The Fair-Hostesses are present everywhere; nothing has been neglected to give you the warmest welcome as soon as you enter.

© Guide Officiel Exposition Universelle de Bruxelles 1958 - Desclée & Co