Brussels World and International Exhibition 1958 - Expo58

Review of the world for a more human world

April 17, 1958 - October 19, 1958

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World Council of Protestant Churches

World Council of Protestant Churches at the Exhibition Brussels 1958

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Architect(s) : R. Calame, Wastelain

The Protestant churches had erected this pavilion to the glory of God.

Wherever there is a question of man, as was the case at this exhibition, God is involved, for God is man's creator and master of his destiny.

The pavilion was divided into two sections: a temple and an exhibition and reception hall.

In the temple, a place of meditation at the heart of the exhibition, two services were held each day and four on Sundays, in various languages. On Friday evenings, during the "Protestant hour", there were concerts, lectures, etc.

The exhibition and reception room was elevated and had an ecumenical exhibition. There you got an idea of what the churches proclaim, what they are, and what they do for the good of mankind. Not all their activities were represented. It was a confrontation with some aspects of evangelical life.

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