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Metallurgy and Metal Fabrications -

Metallurgy and Metal Fabrications at the Exhibition Expo Brussels 1958
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Architect(s) : S. Deval, A et J Polak

The architectural design of the main pavilion allowed you to get an overview of the exhibition from the entrance: on the left, the presentation of the steel industry, on the right, the non-ferrous metals and in the centre, the metal manufactures.

Cooperation between the industries in this group was a factor of productivity and human progress: this was the theme that guided your visit.

Follow the drawings on the floor and they will show you the itinerary of the tour that you will start with in the field of steelmaking.

The iron and steel foundries showed you the highlights of a 2000 year old industry that is constantly developing. The forges, the drawing and the cable works displayed their most spectacular achievements.

An extremely slow-moving machine showed how mechanisation in the wire-drawing industry has taken the strain off man. This mechanisation also governs the vast sector of machines and equipment for various industries; next: diamond tools, machine tools for metalworking, compressors and their pneumatic accessories, pumps, valves and general tools.

In the same sector, among other diesel engines, a generator set was presented to supply the emergency network of this exhibition and of the Atomium, special engines and lifting, handling and weighing instruments.

Oil was on the agenda.... Belgian manufacturers showed you their products in a fresco decorating the interior of a half oil tank.

Don't you benefit every day from the achievements of fine mechanics? Here they are on display: precision equipment, mechanographic applications, the manufacture of moulded materials, technical or household articles, construction and decoration materials, metal building accessories, hardware and metal furniture.

The problem of metal corrosion and the solutions to it were described to you in a didactic and spectacular way.

Your visit ended with the non-ferrous metals sector and you were able to judge the immense possibilities represented by the copper, zinc, lead and aluminium industries.

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