Brussels World and International Exhibition 1958 - Expo58

Review of the world for a more human world

April 17, 1958 - October 19, 1958

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Planetarium at the Exhibition Expo Brussels 1958

© Carl Guderian

Architect(s) : Maurice Keym et Charles Van Nuyte

Built for the 1935 World Exhibition, the planetarium, originally called the Alberteum, is a construction topped by a copper dome, which contains a vast hall with 500 seats designed by Maurice Keym and Charles Van Nuyten.

Inside the dome is a screen on which about 9,000 stars are projected.

These stars rise and follow paths similar to those they follow in reality.

The "Planetarium", designed by engineers from Zeiss, consists of 119 projectors.

The projectors themselves are driven by a movement that moves the projection according to the most rigorous astronomical rules.

The Planetarium shows are varied.
At each session, a part of the sky is projected, which changes from one show to the next. An astronomer comments on the show above them for the audience.

© Guide Officiel exposition universelle de Bruxelles 1935