Century 21 Exposition - Seattle 1962

Man in the age of space travel

April 21, 1962 - October 21, 1962

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American Gas Association

American Gas Association at the Exhibition Expo Seattle 1962

© Courtesy of The Seattle Public Library ( http://www.spl.org/ )

Architect(s) : Neer & Associates, Nelson, Sabin

The pillars supporting the roof of the gas pavilion on Bouvelard 21 were doubled like the natural gas flares.

In the centre of the pavilion was a "gas dial" clock.

Under the sawtooth roof were displays on the use of natural gas in 1962 and in the future in 2001.

A didactic exhibition explained the sources, processes, products and production of gas from ancient times to the present.

The circular clock, which was located on the ceiling, indicated the passing of time by the number of burning torches, so for every full hour a torch was lit.

91 gas companies sponsored this pavilion.

Article based on Official Books Seattle World's Fair 1962