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State of Alaska - Expo Seattle 1962

State of Alaska at the Exhibition Expo Seattle 1962
Architect(s) : Mandeville & Berge

The entrance to the White Alaska Pavilion was on Boulevard 21 across from the Space Needle.
In the lobby was a tourist information office and an amateur radio station.

The National Bank of Commerce in Washington, which built the Alaska pavilion, provided information for visitors interested in the economic development of the 49th state.

To the right of the entrance hall was a 4-metre long ramp with displays. At the top of this ramp, in the 13.5 metre high dome, visitors stood leaning towards the ground to view a relief map of Alaska.

A sound and light show was presented with a soundtrack telling the social and economic history of the state.
To conclude this presentation, a film of the aurora borealis was projected onto the pavilion dome.

The visitors went down another ramp to the hall and the exit of the pavilion. Along the ramp were displayed photographs of Alaskan scenes and landscapes.

Article based on Official Books Seattle World's Fair 1962