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Nalley - Expo Seattle 1962

Nalley at the Exhibition Expo Seattle 1962
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The Nalley Pavilion, an ultra-modern structure, was located at the western end of the Friendship Gallery, halfway between the Federal Science Pavilion and the Hall of Industry. The exterior of the building was composed of a series of curves, with no straight lines or sharp corners.

The interior of the pavilion consisted of a theatre and an exhibition.

Access to the vestibule of the structure was via a ramp that gracefully circled a pool with fountains and plants. In the vestibule an automatic colour slide projector showed Nalley's achievements in agriculture and in the process of distribution to the consumer.

A central exhibit showed a display that rose from the pool. Showing the wide variety of Nalley's products which are produced in 19 factories in the western United States and Canada.

The theatre could accommodate up to 250 visitors. And showed films shot in the Pacific Northwest especially for the show. The films showcased the beauty of the Northwest's mountainous landscape with its mountain ranges, lakes, forests, and ocean beaches. Produced by Armand Piaggi of San Francisco, the films showed the enormous contrasts that exist between the different areas of the region.

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