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Information Centre of the General Insurance Company. - Expo Seattle 1962

Information Centre of the General Insurance Company. at the Exhibition Expo Seattle 1962
Architect(s) : Austin Associates

The Seattle World's Fair Information Center was located in front of the US Science Pavilion in the Friendship Gallery. It was sponsored by the General Insurance Company of America, whose headquarters are in Seattle.

A coral-coloured nylon roof had a structure that could be opened on the sides. Ten trained guides assisted visitors and informed them about the exhibit, Seattle and the Pacific Northwest.

The guides, young women dressed in yellow blouses and brown skirts, had complete information on the location of the buildings, exhibits and facilities and services at the Seattle Expo.
In addition, they could answer questions about things to see, transport, accommodation, services and tourism.

The information centre also served as a message centre, where visitors could exchange personal messages. A guestbook was kept in the centre.

Two large site maps, a large scale map of the Northwest and a Seattle city guide were displayed in the centre. A locator machine allowed visitors to find out which way to go to any part of the site.

Article based on Official Books Seattle World's Fair 1962