Century 21 Exposition - Seattle 1962

Man in the age of space travel

April 21, 1962 - October 21, 1962

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Republic of China

Republic of China at the Exhibition Expo Seattle 1962

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Architect(s) : Paul Thiry

The Republic of China occupied the pavilion at the foot of the South Stairs of the International Plaza. It presented a picture of the modern aspects of life in that country.

An important and growing industry in the Republic of China was textiles. Examples of the wide range of fabrics and patterns created by Chinese Nationalist workers were displayed in this exhibition.

Another consumer industry that the government encouraged was furniture manufacturing.

"Modern China" was the name of the style presented in this pavilion. It was an adaptation of Mandarin-inspired furniture with silk and fabric upholstery.

In the ceramics presentation, figurines and art objects shared the space with tableware. Silver services made in the Republic of China were also presented.

Photographs were displayed in another section of the pavilion, presenting two stories of how people lived in the Republic of China.

Article based on Official Books Seattle World's Fair 1962