Century 21 Exposition - Seattle 1962

Man in the age of space travel

April 21, 1962 - October 21, 1962

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The world of leisure

The world of leisure at the Exhibition Seattle 1962

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One of the biggest entertainments, with ballet or pop, jazz or theatre, as well as folk song, is presented at the Seattle World's Fair.

A $15 million entertainment programme, headlined by the greatest talents from America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America, starts on 21 April and runs until 21 October.
This spectacular entertainment programme includes the Mexican Police Motor Team, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Argyle Regimental Band.
For sports fans, the exhibition features the AAU National Gymnastics Finals, Filipino sporting events, the VFW International Boxing Tournament and the International Twirling Baton Competition.

Among the classics, visitors to the exhibition will see some of the world's greatest orchestras, ballet companies, theatrical productions, performers and instrumentalists.

Appearing with the Seattle Symphony Orchestra, under the baton of Milton Katims, will be performances of Igor Stravinsky, Van Cliburn, Eugene Isto-min and Leonard Rose. The Philadelphia Orchestra, with Eugene Ormandy as conductor, presents two concerts in May.

Verdi's "Aida", featuring an internationally renowned cast, appears in a $125,000 production in June.

A special children's show includes Ringling Brothers Circus and Littlest Circus. The Roy Rogers Show, Huckleberry Hound and Yogi the Bear are also present to the delight of children.

Other performers include Ed Sullivan, Victor Borge, folk singer Josh White, Lawrence Welk, Nat King Cole and Ella Fitzgerald. Top of the list for the dance party are Benny Goodman and Count Basie, Edward R. Murrow, Billy Graham, Dunninger, the mentalist, and Theodore Bikel to name only the most important names.

And there is more.

Dancers from Ceylon, the San Francisco Ballet, the Virginia Tanner Dance Company, the Ukrainian State Dance, the Ba-yanihan Dance Company from the Philippines, the Mexico Folklorico Ballet and the New York City Center Ballet appear during the exhibition.

Theatre is not forgotten either with the Royal Swedish Dramatic Theater, London's Old Vic in performances of "Romeo and Juliet", "St. Joan" and "Mac-beth," The Canadian Comedy in "Bousille and the Just" and the San Francisco Actors' Workshop. Once again for the young, Théâtre des Enfants du Monde presents the Nutcracker Suite.

All in all, no one is left out of the entertainment in this exhibition.

To host these shows, two theatres are present in the Seattle World's Fair: the new 3100-seat Opera House and the 800-seat Playhouse combined with a 5500-seat arena and a 12,000-seat open-air stadium.

Article based on Official Books Seattle World's Fair 1962