Food Circus - Expo Seattle 1962

Food Circus at the Exhibition Expo Seattle 1962
Architect(s) : Floyd Archibald Naramore,Arrigo M Young, Durham, Anderson & Freed

Near the centre of the exhibition is the Food Circus, to the delight of food lovers.

A total of 52 large concessions present all the food producers in their various phases.

The stands line the walls of the large hall, or occupy a central position under the white and gold vault. In the corners, the islands have placed areas to accommodate hungry visitors.

Seating is also available on the balcony above the main floor.

A 10-metre-high, 12.5-tonne fruit cake is said to be the world's largest, and dominates the sandwich stands, soda bars, specialty shops and ice cream parlours on the stage.

Nine of the concessionaires have exhibits, as well as selling food.

One of them is Bar S, which is the official meat supplier to the show. Its booth, located near the south wall to the right of the entrance, features modern displays on meat processing.

Chinn China Shop, on the west side of the hall, offers one of many national specialty food shops.

Other concessions serve food from Mongolia, Japan, Mexico, Denmark and Italy, as well as American dishes from hot dogs to apple-coated candy.

La Balcone, on the balcony of the Food Circus, is a luxury restaurant serving dinner and lunch. It also provides a cocktail service.

Article based on Official Books Seattle World's Fair 1962