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Radio Corporation of America (RCA) - Expo Seattle 1962

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Radio Corporation of America's (RCA) contribution to the presentation of tomorrow's world in the Colosseum is twofold: not only does RCA produce the spectacular state-themed show, but it is also a major exhibitor in the Colosseum.

The RCA exhibition is located in a 750 m2 area on the south side of the Colosseum, to the right of the south entrance.
One section of the exhibition is dedicated to RCA-Victor's progress in radio, television and recording, and features a stereo listening room.

Among the displays are examples of the televisions of the future.
The second section is about RCA in space research, with a particular focus on the currently planned human exploration of the moon.

This is highlighted by a model of the moon, 2 metres in diameter. In addition, there are models of current and future communication satellites.

The RCA exhibition is a spectacular display of the major role played by today's communications for tomorrow's world.

Article based on Official Books Seattle World's Fair 1962