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Doing Science - Zone 6 - Expo Seattle 1962

Doing Science - Zone 6 at the Exhibition Expo Seattle 1962
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For young people aged 8 to 13, a laboratory in the arcade offers a rare opportunity to learn science by doing science. Participatory demonstrations and simple experiments lead them to understand some of the basic laws of science like no words can. Staff are on hand to guide and answer questions but there is no effort to instruct or read. The lessons are mostly part of the demonstration experiments.

The young people move back and forth through the opening of a chamber containing models of stars. Some of the stars appear to change position. This is called parallax and is how astronomers measure the distances of distant stars.

Weight comparisons which give children experience in the difference in weight of the same object on the earth, on the moon (lighter) and on Jupiter (much heavier).

A reflecting telescope which is an accurate model of the telescopes used in large observatories shows children how scientists study the stars.

Living animal cells are magnified under a microscope and projected onto a screen. A close-up of the growth of the frog from pre-birth to adolescence is shown under a microscope.

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