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Government of India - Expo Seattle 1962

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Indian arts and crafts, as well as the products of an industrial revolution, are on display by the Government of India in a spacious pavilion in the International Zone.

Easily visible through the high ceiling windows or through the pavilion's wide entrances are samples of India's brilliant and beautiful textiles, suspended in a zigzag pattern across the room.

Inside the main entrance is an information kiosk, and behind it is a large map of India and a photographic display of India's major tourist attractions.

To the left of the entrance are exhibits of Indian handicrafts, textiles, carpets, floor coverings and consumer and industrial goods. Behind the information booth, the history of ancient and new India is told in a photographic exhibition.

A display illustrates India's history, its five-year plan and samples of its wealth of raw materials.
A semi-circular section near the exit features a high-precision lathe working with light industrial materials. In the bay opposite is a selection of India's engineering and heavy industrial products.

Article based on Official Books Seattle World's Fair 1962