World and International Exhibition Montreal 1967 - Expo67

Man and his Universe

April 28, 1967 - October 29, 1967

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New York State

New York State at the Exhibition Montreal 1967

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Architect(s) : Felix Stephen Gula Associates

Lively music draws passers-by to the centre of the New York State Pavilion, where a carousel topped by a blue and green canopy carries visitors around exhibits illustrating New York State's history, geography, culture, natural beauty, urban planning, industry and commerce.

Six towers - also covered in green and blue, and connected on the second floor - contain exhibition rooms. Images are projected onto them, highlighting the state's achievements, the opportunities it offers, the entertainment it invites. The images produced by the simultaneous production of several slides, the sound and the narration make for a strikingly realistic show.

The travel and recreation presentation depicts New York State resorts and the wide variety of entertainment available to tourists and vacationers. Industrial development provides an account of the immense industrial activity, while international trade focuses on the infinite variety of products that New York State manufactures and exports.

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