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Chatelaine House - Expo Montreal 1967

Chatelaine House at the Exhibition Expo Montreal 1967
© Chatelaine
Architect(s) : Gustavo da Roza

Man and his home" is the theme of a pavilion in the shape of an "S", built entirely of wood. It was commissioned jointly by Chatelaine magazine and the Canadian Wood Industry Association.

There are no windows in the side walls, but the projecting façade is entirely glazed. It is protected by a roof that generously overhangs it and by two screen walls that not only filter the sun's rays, but also mitigate the rigours of winter.

Particularly noteworthy is the judicious use of the famous Eastern Canadian white pine, with its exposed ribs, and red pine for the exterior and interior cladding. At Chatelaine, everything is Canadian: materials, furnishings and decoration.

The ensemble is sober and fully integrated into the landscaping. The layout of the balconies and terraces is arranged according to the orientation of the rooms.

In order to create an impression of space, the architect placed the master bedroom so that it opens onto the living room, which is largely lit by a window that extends over two floors. The layout of the living room, the kitchen, the terrace and, above all, the handyman's workshop, the planter's corner and the storeroom, is fully functional.

The heating, air-conditioning and incineration equipment is extremely sophisticated.

Next to the Chatelaine House, a small building houses an information centre for home design and decoration. The administration offices are also located here.

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