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United Arab Republic - Expo Montreal 1967

United Arab Republic at the Exhibition Expo Montreal 1967
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The United Arab Republic prides itself as much on its millennia-old past as on its current achievements, which affect all sectors of the country's economic and social life. These themes are illustrated in a pavilion, where an infinite number of models and panels have been grouped together to enlighten the visitor on the different aspects of the country, all of which is complemented by colour film footage.

The visitor first of all takes a real walk through Pharaonic Egypt. They are introduced to the way of life of the Egyptians of 5000 years ago, their monumental architecture, their musical instruments, their weaving looms, their domestic economy, their workshops and their irrigation system.

Life-size reproductions of the unique pieces that make up the fabulous treasure of All-Ank-Amon are placed in this area. One can see masks of the king, objects of worship or domestic use. These pieces are next to statues of the goddesses Hathor and Isis, Pharaohs Thutmose and Akhenaten and other illustrious figures.

The visitor can also admire modern Egypt and its prodigious development, which extends to all branches of its agricultural and industrial economy. The Aswan Dam, a grandiose work that was to make vast tracts of arid land suitable for cultivation, is given pride of place.

Projects for the digging and widening of the Suez Canal are also highlighted, to cope with the continuous increase in traffic through this important waterway.

Finally, a section of the pavilion is devoted to the extremely varied range of products of heavy and light industry: steelworks, sugar factories, food industry, textiles, perfumery, appliances for domestic use as well as Egyptian handicraft.

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