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Quebec Industries - Expo Montreal 1967

Quebec Industries at the Exhibition Expo Montreal 1967
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Architect(s) : Jean Grondin

More than 165 Quebec industries and municipalities - supported by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry - have banded together to build a pavilion to expand markets and attract new industries to Quebec.

The white, fibreglass-covered pavilion has stepped roofs and faceted walls. Under the title "Le Saint-Laurent, bassin industriel", it presents - in 24 cells - the face of industrial Quebec. These cells, with a surface area of 375 square feet, are animated by electronic and mechanical means and are distributed as follows

household appliances
carbonated water
engineering and mechanical construction
food products
sugar refineries
graphic arts
lamps and lighting
hydro-electric power
asbestos products

Hydro-Quebec's contribution to the pavilion is a world first; spectators, seated in an amphitheatre, can follow the development of the Manicouagan River live on a giant television screen (22 feet by 30 feet). This is the longest colour television circuit in the world; from the dam to the viewer, it is 500 miles.

The pavilion also contains four meeting and conference rooms and two private bars for the use of participants and their guests.

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