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Jeunesses Musicales of Canada - Expo Montreal 1967

Jeunesses Musicales of Canada at the Exhibition Expo Montreal 1967
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Architect(s) : Desgagné & Côté

The Jeunesses Musicales of Canada (JMC) Pavilion has the theme "Man and Music". This one-storey concrete construction is made of pre-cast sheet piling in the shape of a 'T', producing a fluted effect.

The pavilion is divided into three areas:

a) an audio-visual studio where ten-minute sequences on the history of instruments and musical forms are presented. By means of colour slides and stereophonic diffusers, the visitor learns about the great instrumental families.

b) a studio for:

teaching music to children from 6 to 10 years old according to the active methods of Cari Orff, Martenot, Suzuky, Ward and Kodaly;

to advanced interpretation classes such as the great pages of the guitar with Ida and Alexandre Lagoya, the works for solo violin by J. S. Bach with Henryk Szeryng, the works for solo cello by J. S. Bach with Paul Tor-telier, the works for solo violin by J. S. Bach and the works for solo violin by J. S. Bach with Paul Tor-telier. Bach's solo cello with Paul Tor-telier, Mozart's piano works with Karl Engel, the masterpieces of Mozart's vocal works with Leopold Simone au, a tribute to Maurice Ravel with Vlado Perle-muter, the main masterpieces in the repertoire of the violin concerto, the piano concerto, the evolution of the piano technique, etc.

c) a large hall where are simultaneously presented
the three ages of music in Canada by means of a large sound wall and listening tables

the 20th century sound wall devoted to the illustration of various current sound phenomena; noise and sound, components of sound, conquest of space, electronic composition, cybernetic composition.

The Jeunesses Musicales in the world of the International Federation, presentation of the twenty-three member countries by means of ten-minute sequences, the history of their movement and the most original contribution of their country in the field of musical education, and this by a system of audio-visual projections.

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