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Hospitality Pavilion - Expo Montreal 1967

Hospitality Pavilion at the Exhibition Expo Montreal 1967
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Architect(s) : Marshall & Merrett, Stahl, Elliott & Mill

The Welcome Pavilion has a centre for women and their families near the Welcome Gate entrance square. Its theme is women and their world.

Beautifully situated, this building has a spacious hall, a comfortable lounge, rooms for receiving important visitors and a meeting room. The pavilion has been sponsored by the following natural gas companies: Trans-Canada Pipelines, North and Central Gas, Union Gas and Gas Consumers.

In the main hall exciting programmes are presented: fashion shows, theatre and craft demonstrations.

The pavilion is the home of international hospitality. This project, planned by women across Canada, provides an opportunity for members of women's organizations and their families, or visitors from foreign countries, to meet Canadians in the Montreal area as well as in other parts of Canada. A hostess is on duty at all times to help organize such meetings.