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Village - Expo Montreal 1967

Village at the Exhibition Expo Montreal 1967
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Narrow streets with wooden pavements, fieldstone houses with sloping roofs, inns and a market place illustrate both the history and the legend of French Canada.

Chez Rose Latulipe ... the one who danced to her death to the frenzied rhythm of a fiddle played by Lucifer himself. To warm you up, they will serve you caribou made of sweet wine and "p'tit blanc.

L'antre du diable: a well-stocked bar, a show presided over by Satan, this is the place to be for late-nighters. The Boîte à chansons presents the top names in Canadian music.

Ma cabane au Canada for those looking for a good meal. It is in the Village that you must go down to visit "La Grande Hermine," an exact replica of Jacques Cartier's sailing ship.

In the Place du Québec, a detachment of the Compagnie Franche de la Marine and the Fraser Highlanders perform all sorts of manoeuvres.

In the art pavilion, instructors help visitors develop their artistic talents.

You can also visit the New France Military Museum. In the neighbouring houses, craftsmen work with wood, copper, clay, wool and canvas. The most beautiful handicrafts from Quebec are on sale here.

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