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Fort Edmond - Pioneerland - Expo Montreal 1967

Fort Edmond - Pioneerland at the Exhibition Expo Montreal 1967
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The early days of the Canadian West and the Gold Rush come alive in this fort.

You can watch a sheriff chase a prisoner across the rooftops, immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Wild West cabarets or sample the food of the era.

There are saw and axe competitions and demonstrations of log driving on the lake.

In the centre of the fort, musicians entertain passers-by while the medicine man tries to interest the curious in his products.

At the Golden Garter Cabaret, miners watch the old-time show to the sound of a honky-tonk piano while sipping their favourite beer.

Across the street, a cook flips pancakes. Further on, a printer composes a newspaper headline, a barber shaves a customer in an antique chair, an artist draws a pretty girl's face.

Suddenly, the crowd gathers and bustles around the North West Mounted Police station (now the famous Royal Canadian Mounted Police), a prisoner has escaped! In an old fort, you can take part in games of skill and aim at targets of all kinds with guns.

Then there are the canoes, the boats and the famous "Pitoune" where you go down the falls in a hollowed-out log.

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