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Carrefour International - Expo Montreal 1967

Carrefour International at the Exhibition Expo Montreal 1967
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It is a vast public market with its products bearing the mark of origin of their respective countries, its squares, its streets, its colourful crowd, its restaurants with cosmopolitan signs and its café terraces.

In the Carrefour International, you can eat in the most typical restaurants: taste the strong English beer in the Bulldog Pub; choose sauerkraut and frankfurters to the sound of polkas in the Béer Garden; cheese and recipes from the Alps in the Swiss Fondue; trout, suckling pig, roast goose and venison in the Koliba; and Polynesian specialities in the Hawaiian restaurant.

In one of the squares of the Carrefour, a 19th century carousel, entirely decorated by hand, takes visitors on a tour, with the guinguette tunes of its old organ.

The Carrefour International has banking and postal services.

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