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Rides - Expo Montreal 1967

Rides at the Exhibition Expo Montreal 1967
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The Gyrotron, designed by English set designer Sean Kenny, takes you on a flight into space and back down into the bowels of the earth. You soar into outer space, into a world of planets, meteorites and spaceships, and then in a dizzying descent through a volcano you end up in the mouth of a roaring monster. This is an attraction that thrill-seekers will not want to miss.
The entrance to the Téléférique is to the right of the Ronde's entrance square. Its gondolas rise 120 feet into the air, giving a bird's eye view of La Ronde.

The Spiral, whose shape is reminiscent of intercontinental rockets, allows passengers to soar over 300 feet in a doughnut-shaped cabin. This observation tower offers one of the best overviews of Man and His World.

The Roundhouse Minirail is used not only for recreational rides but also to transport visitors through the park. It runs from Fort Edmonton to the Village.

The Pitoune is at the entrance to Fort Edmonton. It is a 1,400 foot long slide in which log-shaped boats float. Initially, the logs are pulled up to a height of 50 feet on conveyors and then dropped into the slide at high speed.

The complex also includes several other rides: the skooter, the bobsled, the calypso, the trabant, the moon trip, the Airbone, the Hofbrauhaus, etc. Every hour, 19,000 people can use the various rides.

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