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Man questions the Universe - Expo Montreal 1967

Man questions the Universe at the Exhibition Expo Montreal 1967
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Architect(s) : Affleck, Desbarats, Dimakopoulos, Lebensold & Sise

This pavilion has four sub-themes:

Man, his life, his health

A huge plastic cell, magnified about a million times, occupies the entire centre of this pavilion and runs through all three floors. Films and slides show how animals move, feed and reproduce. The upper floor is reserved for the presentation of the nervous system. A huge replica of the human brain dominates this area.

Man, the planet and space

"Man within the Earth, Man on the Earth and Man above the Earth form the triptych of this theme, in which the ways in which man takes advantage of his surroundings, the effects on man of his environment and his role in transforming nature and his environment are analysed.

Man and the Polar Regions

This pavilion presents the main historical and scientific facts about the Arctic and Antarctic. It does this by means of a wide range of audio-visual techniques: photos, slide and film projections, graphic representations, objects and sound effects. The main area of the pavilion consists of a large, continuously rotating carousel where an 18-minute documentary on the Arctic and Antarctic is projected. It tells the story of what is happening in these far-flung regions of the world, what scientists are doing there and how the native people live there today.

Man and the sea

As soon as you enter the pavilion, a gigantic photographic montage gives you an idea of the fabulous expanse of the seas. The first area of the pavilion is dedicated to navigation. In the second area, visitors can participate in the exciting adventure of underwater exploration. Aquarium, divers, underwater house and diving vehicles complete the presentation.

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