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Iran - Expo Montreal 1967

Iran at the Exhibition Expo Montreal 1967
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Architect(s) : A. A. Farmanfarmaelan, P. Moayed-Ahd

The Iran pavilion is a modern adaptation of traditional Persian architecture. A colonnade covered with blue ceramics and painted with flowers and birds surrounds the rectangular building. The architect also used steel, concrete, stucco and, inside, ceramics, wood and mirrors.

The theme "the thousand and one faces of Iran" evokes the past, illustrates the present and casts a new light on the future.

On the ground floor a fountain sings. Colour projections show the beauty of the country, its history and achievements. Priceless treasures are on display: silver-encrusted bronzes, gold vases, precious chests, painted earthenware, porcelain. The floor is strewn with sumptuous carpets.

On the first floor, Iran presents the efforts made to improve agriculture, education, health services, the status of women, etc. The oil industry is given pride of place, as are handicrafts. Here again, one can admire rich brocades, chiselled gold jewellery, coloured glassware, silks, wrought metal and enamels. Young craftsmen weave magnificent carpets. In another area, Iran pays homage to the great Cyrus, presents an illuminated manuscript of the Koran and a page - also illuminated - of the Rubaiyât by the poet Omar Khayyam.

In the bar-restaurant, visitors can enjoy the country's gastronomic specialities.

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