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Austria -

Austria at the Exhibition Expo Montreal 1967
Architect(s) : Dr Karl Schwanzer

The Austrian pavilion near Swan Lake is reminiscent of the crystal structure with its geometric patterns. It is built "from prefabricated elements. The frameworks are made of aluminium and the panels of wood. From the roof, a 120-foot (37 m) spire, illuminated in the national colours, can be seen for miles around.

Austria, in its version of the Expo theme, Man and His World, presents art and literature, science and research, industry and crafts. The role that this country, synonymous with joie de vivre but also with precision and scientific rigour, plays in the heart of Europe is also highlighted.

On the first floor, the impressive Austrovision audiovisual show offers visitors a poetic, realistic and humorous picture of Austria. The Austrovision is based on the book Imago Austriae by Otto Schulmeister, Christoph Allmayer-Beck and Erich Lessing and is the most important source of information about Austria. The artistic director is Otto Schenk, a well-known actor and director.

The Wienerwald restaurant on the ground floor of the pavilion can accommodate over 100 guests. Food, wine and local beer are served to the music of Anton Karas, author of the famous theme song for the film "The Third Man".

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