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Switzerland - Expo Montreal 1967

Switzerland at the Exhibition Expo Montreal 1967
Architect(s) : Werner Gantenbein

The Swiss pavilion consists of freely articulated cubic elements, with a fully glazed ground floor and a windowless first floor made of natural red cedar.

A general presentation on the ground floor shows how a densely populated area with a small population and no raw materials could achieve a high standard of living. It then provides a comprehensive overview of the most important aspects of Switzerland: history, politics, culture, economy, tourism and transport. Themes such as active neutrality and international solidarity, information, trade and export of services are particularly highlighted. A library and a discotheque offer additional insights into the cultural life of the country.

The achievements of modern technology in Switzerland are presented in a spectacular way on the upper floor. Four sectors in particular stand out: watchmaking, the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, textiles and the energy-producing machine industry. Among the displays are an electronic time switch controlled by a caesium atomic clock and an impressive textile display where, under fantastic lighting conditions, precious fabrics and haute-couture garments are mixed together.

In a 500-seat cinema, a film is shown which successively evokes the beauty of the Swiss landscape, the notion of precision in work and Swiss culture. The film, made using a new process, is placed under the sign of the Wheel, a symbol of movement and continuity.

The pavilion's restaurant on the ground floor offers a menu of specialities from the four main regions of Switzerland: Ticino, German-speaking Switzerland, French-speaking Switzerland and Graubünden.

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